Other Projects

The projects that RMI fosters can’t be fit into any one mold. Whether highly conceptual or refreshingly direct, ongoing and evolving or arriving complete, the fact is that some art isn’t simple to package and deliver – or sometimes, even to describe. But that, in a nutshell, is the reason why art exists: to find expression for ideas and emotions that are beyond the power of mere language to fully convey.

RMI projects run the gamut from musical composition to multi-media efforts incorporating various combinations of visual art, theater, photography, dance and writing. Interdisciplinary collaborations of like-minded artists are nurtured, while some of the artists cross into multiple disciplines themselves. The collaborations are not limited to the world of the arts either, with a particular emphasis on fields related to social justice and education, and a premium is put on making a genuine impact on the population, presenting work that is undiluted yet able to reach people beyond those who already self-identify as consumers of fine art.

Broadly speaking, RMI aims to provide room for uninhibited pursuit of the meaningful and transcendent. Some artists are unsatisfied playing in one sandbox. For the sculptor who composes melodies on piano or the singer who produces lovely watercolor landscapes, the need for expression that drives them to develop a voice in one discipline doesn’t always fit easily within the borders of that medium. Some things are better limned by the color blue and others by a major chord.

We will continue to push boundaries, both within traditional media like music and in development of performance art, multi-media presentation, studio installation or whatever other euphemisms may describe an unclassifiable work of art unfolding before you. At RMI, we are proud to give these important works a home.

The recording of Noah Baerman’s “Rock & The Redemption” suite, a theatrical work commissioned by Wesleyan University and performed at Wesleyan and as part of St. Peter’s Jazz Vespers series in NYC, one of RMI’s ongoing projects.
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