At Resonant Motion, we believe that artistic expression is a powerful tool to forge connections between people of all stripes.  We believe art can help make the world a better place.  Does that sound ambitious?  Perhaps.  But every human being on Earth has had a connection with a work of art – fleeting or lifelong – and has found him or herself profoundly changed by the experience.

Our goal is to make art that moves you and brings uplift to your life, without ever losing sight of what makes great art great.  And, yes, we’re ambitious – we’re proud to support art in all its forms.  With RMI Records, you’ll hear new music from some of the most exciting young musicians and potent established artists around, with a stylistic breadth to match – from jazz, to concert works, to singer-songwriter, and folk rock – because good music doesn’t limit itself to one genre, and neither do the artists we support.

But Resonant Motion isn’t just about great music.  We’re about the visual arts, we’re about the written word, we’re about animation, collaborative performance art, you name it.  We’re about art with a lower-case ‘a’ and a capital ‘A,’ and we hope to build a better world, one artist-to-audience connection at a time.

Welcome to Resonant Motion – The Sound of Positive Change.