Newsletter: June 2015

Newsletter: June 2015

The Unseen River
RMI Records is excited to announce the release of The Unseen River, the new album by guitarist/composer Sean Clapis and his quartet. A young, up-and-coming presence on the New York jazz scene, Clapis has one foot in the straight-ahead jazz tradition and one foot pointing forward. This is his second album as a leader and his first since moving to NY from Hartford, CT, and it shows the precocious development of his distinctive musical voice.The all-original compositions on The Unseen River showcase Clapis’ keen melodic sense in a variety of settings that in turn push the players in a variety of directions. Clapis himself expresses his intentions rather directly. “All too often, we commit to this idea that “serious music” is supposed to sound serious, that it is incompatible with levity, that it can’t be entertaining. The imaginary wall between the artists and the audience can suck the fun out of the music and suck the energy out of the performers. I feel it’s important to connect on a deeper level with your fellow musicians as well as the audience.” With The Unseen River, Sean Clapis takes further steps on his impressive path towards providing his audience and his fellow musicians with this spirit of direct communications, all the while maintaining rigorous standards for creating nuanced, sophisticated music.
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Join us this weekend!
Join us on Sunday as Resonant Motion and St. Peter’s Church present the Noah Baerman Resonance Ensemble performing the NY premiere of Baerman’s suite “The Rock and the Redemption” as part of St. Peter’s Jazz Vespers service.The Details:

When: Sunday, June 28 at 5:00pm

Where: 619 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Cost: Free

The Musicians:

Noah Baerman – piano, synthesizer, slide guitar

Kris Allen – alto saxophone, flute

Chris Dingman– vibraphone

Melanie Hsu – cello, vocals

Henry Lugo – acoustic and electric bass

Bill Carbone – drums, tambourine

Claire Randall – vocals

Garth Taylor – vocals

Latanya Farrell – vocals

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