Creation and Performance

Creation and Performance

noah_perform_webRipples – an album of socially conscious original jazz, Noah Baerman’s first recording project to be presented by RMI, coming March, 2013

Jazz Samaritan Alliance – a collective of established composer/educator/performers using their collaboration as a means of creating and presenting socially conscious original jazz. Noah Baerman – piano and organ; Jimmy Greene – tenor and soprano saxophone; Kris Allen – alto saxophone; Chris Dingman – vibraphone; Johnathan Blake – drums

Survivor Stories  – Inspiring, diverse musical and photographic portraits of courageous people who have endured cancer, bereavement and other life-shaking adversity, in collaboration with photographer Carla Ten Eyck

Fulfillingness Project – initially conceived as a Stevie Wonder tribute, a soulful yet modern group of jazz arrangements of  socially conscious classic soul and R&B tunes by Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, the Isley Brothers and more

Jazz With a Conscience – a performance program that offers a sort of a “sampler” of different cause-based music in Noah Baerman’s repertoire, from material taken from the Patch Kit and Soul Force albums to classic repertoire by the likes of John Coltrane, Nina Simone and Charles Mingus

There But for the Grace – an extended series of compositions that are portraits of compositional portraits of adult survivors of the foster care system, with the musical goal of really evoking the spirit of each subject and the extra-musical goal of humanizing this population and spurring a greater perception that these are people just like us, merely less fortunate

Duets – Live, interactive, improvised drawing and music duets with a variety of mediums both musical and visual, spearheaded by artist Kate Ten Eyck